Weightlifting and its Health Benefits

Weightlifting or weight training has been controversial in the fitness activity. New studies proven the fitness benefits of weight lifting. Using weights gives you an advantage on fatty belly, anxiety and stress, cancer and heart complaint. Moreover, if you desire to appear hot in a bikini, then it is the most efficient workout you can consider. Still, many of us are uncertain about using weights. So here I am giving you a brief about what I have been benefited from my strength training session.

When I started the gym, I was also hesitated to use weights, I used to workout on treadmill, elliptical and included some aerobic exercises in my schedule. Of-course I felt so energetic than the days before, when I was doing nothing. But I could not lose my weight as I desire, even after 2 months. And moreover, I strained myself a lot in these ways to get fit in my dream day lineup after 2 months. Then I realize, my joints are getting weaker, gradually, because of the repetitive strain.

Then my new Instructor suggested me to use weights to achieve my dream. After 15 days when I checked my weight, I was really doubting the machine about its correctness. But it was true that I lost 40% more fat while comparing to another way of one month. By choosing weights as my weight loss tool, I just burned extra fat from my body, while protecting my muscles, it automatically enhanced my reflection in the mirror.

In the big day I could wear my dream gown, and it fits simply well. Before that I was unsure about the outlook, because of my waist size. But in fact it suited me well, and I looked really awesome.

Weightlifting upsurges the amount of calories you burn. After a strength training workout your muscles demand more energy to repair its fibers and the calories burn from excess fat, not from muscles. Using weights helped me to stick to my diet plan, before, I couldn’t. In the absence of a proper diet, exercise cannot achieve your weight loss goal successfully. If you are able to follow a healthy diet plan along with exercises, including some weight lift sessions, you will reach your preferred body weight and shape sooner.

Consistent weight training can facilitate more strength to muscles which encase your skeletons, composing them more secure and less vulnerable to bone damage. Weight training will help you to be free from many chronic uneasiness.

Initially I was also concerned like you, about muscle growth by weight training. But what I realized is that you can even lift heavyweight as much you can but need to maintain a low volume by performing fewer sets of lifting, so it will not lead to unnecessary muscle growth. Instead, you will become stronger, and no need to say becoming stronger is always beneficial.

There are many reasons to include weight training in your workout program. Well-being aids by using weights contain better muscle strength and quality, keep you in good physical shape and weight, amplified bone power and density. And it will keep you more relaxed and happy throughout the day.

How to use weights in a healthy way:

  1. Always remember to do at least 5 minutes of warm up exercise before lifting weights. Arm circle exercise is most recommended.
  2. Don’t forget that positioning is more significant than lifting more weight.
  3. While you think of increasing weights, do it as smallest as possible.
  4. Concentrate on breathing. Exhale while lifting up and inhale – keeping down. But do not overdo it.
  5. While using weights try to keep a full range of movement, such as push or pull as far as you can. This will improve your suppleness.
  6. Do concentrate on particular muscle, which you are working out.
  7. Do stretch out exercises before winding up the session.

Remember to follow these rules while you are using weights in strength training program.