Weight Track Assistant – A useful tool to help you track weight daily and achive your weight goal.

Review: Everyone in this world want to be maintained by weight, fats, calories, personality, skins and others. The people who want to know about their ideal weight, can now take advantage from this App. The app, WEIGHT TRACK ASSISTANT, will help the people to make them know about their ideal weight. It will offer them with the daily weight tracking and archive for their weight goals. The people who want lose their weight or want gain more weight can now start tracking through this amazing app. In its features, the app will also provide for the BMI- Body Mass Index, soon one will log his weight, thereafter BMR, Body fat percentage and as such the people will be provided information about their weight, as whether they are underweight or over weight or even if they are in Good weight. It will moreover, offer weight tracking for everyday, so that the people with goal in weight losing or otherwise should be given perfect informations. Thus, it is really very perfect application in the Healthcare category and it is offered in only size of 9.2 MBs only by Kevin Tung, the developers.

App Support
Developer : Kevin Tung
Support Email : ikdong.dev@gmail.com
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