Tiffin: Memories and Recipes of Indian Vegetarian Food Paperback – Import, 4 Jun 2015 by Rukmini Srinivas

India being the country is having unity in various different regions and their different special recipes. The people who happens to be the residents of the South areas of the country, are having their developed own habits, which were undoubtedly prevailing in British people too, ‘Tiffin’ is the term and concept derived from the historical British term ‘tiffing’, which considered for the small meals or snacks to accompany a drink. Moreover, such Tiffin is a staple meal in most Indian households. Now, when anyone want to have such amazing tiffins then he or she need to take help from the sources because each of the items provided in the tiffins have their own importance to serve as supplement for the common food.

The present book is as such offering great support to such people. The book is brought from the works of the popular television chef on the local Arlington cable network- Rukhmini Srinivas or ‘Rukka’. This book is as such providing the amazing cooking recipes of the Tiffin, and besides such help, the author has also shared her memories with the readers through this book. The author had incorporated her own experience while traveling extensively from the big areas with the tasty foods, like Madras, Delhi, Pune, etc. Thus, this book is not only providing the support to the readers for preparing their Tiffins but also they can feel the emotional and deeply personal bound of author with the food recipes. Besides, cookbook writer, Rukmini is a television chef, storyteller, teacher, entrepreneur and connoisseur of good food.

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