The Udupi Kitchen Paperback – 23 Mar 2015 by Malati Srinivasan & Geetha Rao

The world is comprising of billions of people, and everyone on this earth having their own taste and choices when the matter of food and eating comes in picture, as such the people who love to have globally famous foods of every type need to go everywhere, however, now as the situation is different, one can have ideas how to prepare their loved or selected food at their own houses. The present book is as such offering best udupi recipes which are famous throughout the entire world and well famous specially in hotels which churn out “South Indian Food.” Moreover, the book is offering number of dishes to eat in dinner, or to take with them in their tiffins or snacks. The recipes are from the Karnataka where the Krishna temple is located, in coastal town.

 Thus, the book is offering vegetarian food with aplomb from a town where food is religion as well as a complete mouth- watering experience. The book is authored by the well know culinary expert- Malati Srinivasan. The recipes from this author are published in the magazines like Bangalore Food Lovers and Taste of India, etc. She lives in Toronto, Canada. The book also authored by Geetha Rao who is the Chairperson of the Crafts Council of Karnataka. She has number of writing on crafts and arts.

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