The Truth Behind the Foods Labeled as Health Foods

From the beginning of the history of mankind, food was the inevitable source of energy that enabled man his survival on earth. Raw food was the very first form of food he obtained from nature. Fresh water from the springs, fresh fruits, vegetables and nectar were the main source of food in the ancient time. With the advent of civilization people began to cultivate. Agriculture became the main occupation of people where he cultivated different crops of grains, pulses and legumes that formed the major part of the diet system. Gradually he learned different methods of cooking that enabled him to have variety of foods that developed in to different food cultures. People in different parts of the world have different food culture. In the fast modern life people follow the diet with ready made processed foods or junk foods with toxic preservative contents that help to retain the longevity of the junk foods. The intake of these foods for saving time finally results in many chronic diseases that possess threat to the life. The number of people who follow the fast diet is increasing day by day creating a society with health related issues. The health related problems are one of the major issues that are faced by people from babies to adults. Many of the diets that are followed contain foods that are having high calorie low nutritional value. There is several health awareness programs propagated for following healthy diet that is essential for the proper body functions. The digestive function is the most important body function that eliminates all toxins from the body and retains all nutritional elements for the proper digestive process. Good foods with vital nutrients are essential and support the entire body maintenance. Health awareness program give more importance for the diet realizing the power of the balanced diet.

One of the important aspects regarding the good diet is been mislead by the several marketing techniques that give bad perspective to the natural foods and promote instant or processed foods as the quality foods. Common man definitely is perplexed by this scenario and finds it as very difficult to choose the real health foods. Further many studies have shown that most of the so labeled health foods are not the real health category foods. Many of the natural foods that had been used traditionally were discarded by people due to wrong conceptions and instead of these foods artificial flavored processed foods are being widely used under the pretext of health foods. Monitoring this situation many studies under various health organizations have brought forth the reality of the health food myths. The worst condition is that the wrong information about certain health labeled foods is still followed by majority of people. Many toxic foods are still being consumed by people under the labeling of health foods. All these marketing are done without the proper authentication from the Food and drug administration or Federal Trade Commission. Even without having basic knowledge about the food to be consumed people tend to use it if it comes under the health label.

There are some major foods that are consumed widely as health foods though they contain high toxin levels. One of the misconceptions is the canola oil as the substitute for olive oil. The fact is that even the purest version of canola oil is not the substitute for olive oil as it contains high toxic oil content only suitable for industrial purposes. They are the extraction of rapeseed plants and used instead of olive oil because of its easy availability and cheap pricing.

Another myth is in relation to the use of soybeans and soy products. Many soy products are marketed as complete food substitute for milk and meat products. Though several qualities of soy are recognized researches are still done on the positive and negative aspect of soy. In Ayurveda only fermented form of soy is recommended. Sea food termed as the healthiest foods also contains high level of mercury and other toxins. Agave nectar processed from the agave plants contains high fructose level than the fructose level in the fruits.

It is always advisable to stick to the traditional tried and tested healthy foods that include the raw fruits, vegetables, nuts and natural nectars.