The Jewels of the Nizam Paperback -16 Oct 2013 by Geeta Devi

India is known for number of traditional things, like forts, tombs, parks built in the periods long back when several Islamic rulers, Marathi rulers, English rulers came to India, besides these the said rulers have left their signs in India in delectable preparations too. Like the most famous and tasteful Arabic, Mughlai and traditional South Indian influences like today’s Hyderabadi people who happens to be siblings of the Nizams who were famous for their tasty foods with the use of spices. Around four- hundred years old royal kiteches of Nizams were full of tasty foods like today’s Hyderabadi recipes. The present book is brining all such wonderful, delicious and tasteful Nizamis pakwan for everyone.

The author- Geeta Devi has brought from the patthar ka Gosht and Paneer Golkonda to Haleem and Gajar- Methi ka Salan and also from Kacche Gosht Ki Biryani and Jhinge ka Achaar to Shahi Tukde and Anokhi Kheer, the book is offering all amazing delicious recopies. In short, this book is revealing the secrets behind a mouth- watering range of delicacies which will delight the modern gourmand. As such the book is brought from the author- Geeta Devi who happens to be the member from Malwala family of late Raja Dharam Karan of Hyderabad. She has also named many food festivals in her name specially in Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai and New Delhi.

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