The Goodness of Wholesome Raw Milk

Milk from ancient period onwards was considered as a whole some food. It is a fascinating factor that milk is truly a universal food that is accepted by people all over the world. Many mythological characters in great epics of the world were depicted as the admirers of milk and milk was treated as a divine food. Many religions give prominence to the use of milk in their religious rituals. Children are given milk as the nutrients in it helps to build the body tissues at the stage of growing and there by imparting complete health to growing children.

During the modern period unlike the consumption of raw or fresh milk obtained directly from cow had undergone drastic changes where the milk collected from the farms were processed or pasteurized adding many preservatives for the long life of the milk. In addition to the adding of preservatives most of the pasteurized milk will be kept in deep freezers for commercial purpose. All these process of preservation end up in altering the basic structure and properties of the natural, raw milk. The intakes of such processed milk only give health related problems and triggers indigestion, which will later result in many diseases and lacto intolerance in certain people. In fact raw milk consumption was discouraged by commercial milk producers alleging that raw milk disrupts the digestion process. But today even scientific studies have proved that raw milk is a wholesome food with many elements that enhance the health than the processed foods. Many studies have shown that pasteurization process is harmful and pasteurized milk only contributes unhealthy toxic components that adversely affect the body function through the constant use. The raw milk is harmful only when it is altered and contaminated by foreign bodies. Through various scientific research and studies it had been revealed that distilled diaries produce the pasteurized milk that is harmful to the health. The various process of pasteurization involves various forms of chemical treatments and this chemical content will deposit in the body resulting in many ailments. The natural dairy farms where milk is directly obtain from the grass fed cows are the most purest form of raw milk.

The components in the raw milk kill several pathogens in the milk and promote beneficial bacteria that helps in digestion and body tissue build up. Raw milk also prevents the pathogen absorption in the intestinal wall there by helps to improve the digestive functions. Through proper digestive functions all the essential nutrients in the fresh raw milk reaches the blood stream and enhances the internal body functions. Along with the enhancement in the body functions the immunity power of the body also increases and there by prevent the foreign bodies that create illness in the body. The strengthening of immunity system is one of the remarkable features of raw milk consumption. Today raw milk is considered as the safest foods than the safest food recommended by dieticians in comparison to other foods including processed foods and pasteurized milk.

Though there are enough proofs showing the qualities of raw milk there are certain theories that persist stating that pasteurized milk is safer than raw milk. People who clearly understand the health hazards possessed by the pasteurization prefer the raw milk instead. There are several awareness campaigns conducted today propagating the goodness of raw milk. It is advisable raw milk is good for the proper growth in children. The raw cow milk contains several properties similar to mothers’ milk that makes it the most suitable food for children next to mother’s milk.

Raw milk from several animals are used in different parts of the world. Though milk from goat or other grass fed animals are used by humans, cow’s milk is considered as the wholesome milk it is consumed by majority of the people in the world. Certain studies have proved that leafy vegetable consumption is not safe as raw milk consumption. The raw milk in contaminated form definitely create illness so proper care for raw milk consumption in hygienic need to be observed.

It is not be forgotten the fact that our ancestors without any scientific support or evidences had already realized the goodness of raw milk from time immemorial and following that tradition will not let down a person who consumes real, fresh raw milk.