The Essential Kerala Cookbook by Vijayan Kannampilly – Paperback – 28 Apr 2003

India’s greatness to have amazing different regions with the different languages and also with the different brilliant traditional dishes, which attracts number of foreigners and even foreign regions’ people to have taste of each of such lovely dishes and delectable preparations. Similarly, as the book is connected with the Kerala foods, the book is highly praised as amazing handbook/cookbook for the readers who can easily know how to cook and serve the best recipes from Kerala region in India. the present cookbook is offering a uniqueness in its style of providing traditional coconut- based food preparations. Number of delicious spices, and lovely curries are mouth- wetting for the people from other regions. This book is covering all vegetables, meats along with the pickles, seafood dishes, coconut made dishes, snacks and also sweets famous in the region. The beneficiaries with this cookbook will be both vegetarians and also non- vegetarians.

 The most popular specific dishes are tapioca potage, stir- fried banana flower with coconut, duck curry, spicy chicken curry, deep- fried meat, prawns, etc. all covered under this cookbook. The book is offing all comprehensive guide for the readers and it was published by Penguin India in the year 2003. And it is authored by the most famous writer- Vijayan Kannampilly who is also a renowned journalist from India. Besides his interest in writing he is also an artist.

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