The Essential Goa Cookbook by Maria Teresa Menezes – Paperback – 14 Oct 2000

Goa, being the most modern and foreign culture adopted area in India, where the earlier Portugal people left their offspring and as such the culture of Goa is much different from the other regions in the country. Similarly, the Goa is also offering amazing, delicious dishes which the people from foreign region want to have taste of. The present book is as such offering amazing hundreds of recipes from one of the best coastal cuisines of India, The Spicy, succulent seafood of Goa. The most famous and traditions dishes in Goa are specially treated as fish curry and rice, however, while under the control of Portuguese, the Goa found other tastes too.

 Thus, the present book will cover all such amazing recipes in the very simple and easy options. The readers can easily take advantage of this book with the best results in the form of tasty food. Moreover, notably the cookbook is also covering both the vegetarian and also non- vegetarian dishes. The book moreover, is authored by the famous author- Maria Teresa Menezes who born in Mumbai and she married an Indian Navy officer. Being interested in the cooking, she found her mother- in- law also excellent in cooking

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