Super Kids: Healthy Eating for Kids and Teens Paperback – 18 Dec 2015 by Suman Agarwal

We human beings are much similar like a device which is required to get re- charged, the only difference is that such device required electricity for recharging, however, we humans required to eat food, drink water and fluids for recharging ourselves. However, the situation is though similar in case of the children but, generally, children shows less interests in their feeding, but their parents need to take care of their feeding properly. As such, to help such parents, the present book is offered in the markets. When parents feel in trouble as their kids avoiding food, then they need someone who would tell them exactly how they can feed their kids. If in case one’s child is eating too much junk, then too this book is there to help their parents to bring them out of such hobbies.

This book also will be offering amazing recipes for the parents to prepare ghar ka khana in an exciting way. The book answers number of the questions which the parents would have in connection with the feeding of their children. This book as provided from the author- Suman Agarwal will be offering dozens of the super easy, healthy and scrumptious recipes like Spinach masala dosa, nachos bhel and chipotle rolls, etc. the book is all complete with the simple instructions, with the images and also healthy ingredients and their benefits. The author- Suman is an expert in this connection, and also had practiced in this field from many years as has provided her opinion to the bollywood celebrities and industrial honchos on their weight issues.

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