Species That Poisons Themselves, Their Offspring’s and The Entire World

The life on earth for every living thing is a beautiful experience unless and until the right to life is threatened by various factors. Mother Nature is enriched with all elements that sustain life on earth. From the air to breath to the food of different types are provided by nature for the survival of living things. All living things except the human beings or the Homo sapiens depend entirely on the nature for their survival. Man is the only exception that exploits Mother Nature for satisfying his selfish motives and needs. It is quite clear form the early history of man that once he was also like other living things depend on nature for living. He and his off springs utilized everything from the nature for his growth. By the passage of time man invented new things that provided better life style. In modern civilization his simple life style with natural food habits changed drastically. The simple foods of vegetables and fruits were replaced by foods that contained more of harmful elements than the components that enriched life. Under the pretext of having better lifestyle man literally invented harmful food habits. He never took care or noticed the difference between the foods that harm and foods that heal. All artificial or junk foods only resulted in new diseases rather than providing health.

It is evident from several researches conducted on the human behavior and psychology that human beings are the only species responsible for the degradation of the society or world in several aspects. He exploits Mother Nature to fulfill his greed in many ways. All other living beings live according to the system of nature but man is only species that manipulates natural resources for his benefit. He made scientific inventions that disturbed the ecological balance in nature. Sustainability of other livings things and the earth bothered him the least. Majority of the human race had undergone several changes form the basic food habits to the drastic change in the life style. In ancient civilizations religions played significant role in molding human life. Today in the modern civilization the greedy motive have prominence in a modern society. Man had altered many natural things according to his convenience. Simple vegetarian food diet and habits that promoted health for the entire living things were replaced by new forms of foods containing harmful elements that possess threat to human life.

Human beings are the only race that promotes processed or artificial junk foods. All other living beings including the insects depend on the natural food form the nature for satisfying the hunger. Human beings on the other hand, find no hindrance in intake of food beyond his need. As a result of the junk food intake unlike other living things are more susceptible to grave diseases. He is the only species on earth that take treatment methods form hospitals rather than having natural cure. His many modern treatment methods instead of providing complete cure worsen the health conditions of people. Apart from destroying himself with the unhealthy life style he spoils the future of his off springs too and there by literally poisoning and entire society. He gives unnecessary vaccines and treatment even to the new born baby for a better life but in the real sense he had already laid the foundation of diseases in the baby through unnecessary vaccinations and medicines with harmful chemical formulations. Another major mistake committed is in the prescription of wrong medications that had hazardous side effects on the patients that give rise to new diseases. The technological progress is another man made way that invents new diseases that occurs as the side effect of constant use of internet and other electronic devices. The radiation emitted form the man made devices damage the brain and other body functions of the human beings. The agriculture sector that use huge amount of chemicals and fertilizers in turn produce food with invisible poison particles.

It is high time to think and act against the destructive activities of the human beings that not only poison themselves but also poison their future generation and the entire society through exploiting nature for the selfish needs. Back to the principles of nature is the only alternative that saves al least future generations and Mother Nature.