Simple Food For Weight Reduction

Human body functions depend mainly on the food intake that provides vital energy to sustain the life on earth. All the essential nutrients and other components of the food constitute proper body functions and there by gives good health and stamina to an individual. The timely intake of food is quite essential for proper functions of both external and internal organs. The heart, liver, kidney and blood circulations are the vital functions in a body that basically depend on the ingredients taken from the food. The proper intake of healthy or balanced nutritious food is the key factor that provides all essential energy for the body functions.

In ancient time man relied on natural foods that didn’t contain any harmful elements that adversely affect the body functions. In the modern period man depended entirely on instant junk or processed food that contains toxic elements and other ingredients that only provide harmful threat to the body functions and there by ultimately affecting the health. The excess intake of fat rich food results in obesity and body weight that is the common problem faced by majority of people all over the world. Through correction in the irregular diet many of the overweight problems in the body can be rectified. There are umpteen numbers of natural food that helps to lose the over body weight and helps to stay healthy and fit. Most people wanted to have tasty foods that have high calorie content. Today many researches have shown that there are foods that are tasty and at the same time provide weight loss and health to the body. Avoidance of food with high starch content and carbohydrates reduces the body weight beyond doubt.  There are starch resistant with low calories and vital nutrients that do not reduce the taste of the food are available today that helps in the body weight reduction.

One of the remarkable features of the starch resistant foods are that they improve the bowel movement there by improves the digestion, improves colon health, prevent cancer and diabetes. The starch resistant foods are rich in soluble and insoluble fibers that help the digestion. The insoluble fiber provides the fluids or gastric juices that enhance the colon function. The soluble fiber is digested in a slow pace that helps to create hunger in a person in slow mode and there by prevents the person to take excess intake of food.

There are several starch resistant foods that helps in body weight loss. Bananas are the excellent source of vital nutrients and slightly green or raw bananas are starch resistant food that helps in body weight reduction. Raw banana powder alone and mixed with other foods also reduce the weight reduction.  All flours that are starch resistant are great in reduction of body weight.

Pastas made out of starch resistant flours particularly cold pasta and cold potatoes provide required carbohydrate consumption along with starch resistance.

Another category that helps in weight reduction is whole grain rice, legumes, lentils and peas. Yams and sweet potatoes in cooked form also promote body weight loss. Canned or processed version of these foods increases the body weight contrary to its raw or cooked forms.

Organic dry beans are also excellent sources of starch resistant food. They need to be soaked overnight and to be cooked in the same water is more beneficial. Black beans or the turtle beans provide the entire nutrients and are low in starch and carbohydrate content. Garbanzo beans are chick peas also have the all elements that to reduce the body weight. The soaked and cooked beans along with rice, chopped onion and cilantro are the best option to lower the body weight mass. Pure cold olive oil, lime juice and sea salt along with the rice and beans combination is a super food that results in the considerable reduction of body weight.

Avocado and green leafy vegetables are the other source of starch resistant food. A proper balance diet of the starch resistant and low calorie foods is an effective method in weight reduction.