Role of Mother in Building Baby’s Health

About two thousand years ago the Great Greek scholar and Father of Modern medicine beyond any doubt stated that food is the medicine. He emphatically stated that nature have all the ingredients that sustained life on earth. For the survival of life on earth mother earth abundantly rich in all components and provide them in various forms of foods. In ancient period man survived purely on the natural foods in the form of vegetables and fruits. Later with the progress in the civilizations many food cultures evolved with variety of foods in mainly in the cooked form. Another major aspect of life is the ability of woman to give birth to children and to take care of them in the same way Mother Nature does. She is capacitated with the ability to conceive and carry her child providing utmost protection. After the birth of a child she takes more care in the nourishment and growth of the child. Mothers are always protective about their children in various aspects. Taking care of the health of the child is the prime importance given by a mother. Even before the birth at the stage of being a fetus inside the womb mother start taking care of her child. She primarily focuses on her food habit that will be beneficial for the child in the womb. More nutritious rich diet will be followed by her for benefit of her child. Special care was given to a pregnant woman in every society in the earlier time.

In the modern period where most of the women are working in the mainstream in many professional fields, many pregnant lack attention and care. It is a proven fact that pregnant woman of today are undergone several stress and mental pressure than the past due to poor dietary habits including the intake of junk food. The negative aspect of these poor dietary habits is that it in turn affects the health of the child right in mother’s womb. Various researches have been conducted in this aspect and results with scientific explanation proves that the junk food habit followed by a pregnant women adversely affect the brain function of the fetus. Many nervous dysfunction and high blood sugar level also occur in the child in the womb that will continue even after the birth of the child. The unhealthy junk food including artificial colors, flavors and chemical taste enhancers in the food release toxins in the blood stream of the pregnant woman and deposits in fetus. The junk food diet adversely affect the nervous system and brain function in a baby and follow the child thorough out his life resulting in several physical and mental deformities. Many studies have proved with ample medical evidence that the child acquire nutritional deficiency syndromes and chronic disease right from the mother’s womb and have it through out his life. Most of the poor diet contains hydrogenated fats and oxidized fats that will undergo several chemical changes during the digestion process in mother. The toxin deposit in the mother’s blood stream that is the main source of food for the baby will definitely pass on the baby and later develop into toxic elements that result in grave disease in future. Another studies show the high deposit of Opioids. Opioids are the chemicals products released from the fat and sugar in the junk food. This will result in obesity, overweight, heart disease, diabetes, cancer, dementia, stroke and sometimes it result in the death of new born and children. All the factors that affect the health of a pregnant woman have the impact on her baby too. In certain cases the effect of junk food toxins in a baby will be seen during his adolescent period that had already adversely affect the immune system of child giving rise to high blood pleasure, heart diseases and diabetes.

The only alternative to fight against this condition is entirely depend on the pregnant woman who take care of her health by having standard natural nutritional foods rich in vitamins, minerals and other components particularly fresh fruits, vegetables, diary products, legumes, nuts and pulses that promotes natural health and immunity to mother and baby. A pregnant woman should always be conscious about the health condition as her diet is meant for two at a time.