Push Ups Workout – One of the best Workout app with unique design and powerful function.

Review: For building perfect body, one need to have a personal Trainer, and what happen when the same will provided through an Android App? The present app is designed to be one’s personal trainer and it is truly offered for FREE. The App, PUSH UPS WORKOUT is developed with the idea of providing unique design and powerful functions and it is thus proving as the personal fitness trainer. The people want to have good physics now can download this App for FREE. The App will help the people to count their number of Push- ups and workout. Moreover, doing this, one’s calories level and due to push ups what amount of calories are loosen will also be shown through this App. The App will provide for the every exercise and as such like a real life trainer, this will look after users. Thus, the wonderful app, providing full support and real body status for helping the one who has decided to get a perfect and very good physics. Here, the developers, NorthPark.Android have added proximity sensor counting. It is offered in the very smaller size i.e. 6.5 MBs only.

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Developer : NorthPark.Android
Support Email : northpark.android@gmail.com

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