Pure Vegetarian Cookbook Paperback – 15 Jul 2013 by Prema Srinivasan

India is the country which is having its several separate regions and each of them having their special recipes and this shows the uniqueness of the Indians, who though living in a single country but experiencing tastes of amazing recipes from different regions. Thus, for all the people who want to taste the India’s best ever recipes specially in vegetarian food from Tamil world, should have this book in their bags. The author- Prema Srinivasan brought in this form, the world’s most famous recipes from the Pure Vegetarian Cookbook, a guide that will have cooks and foodies perking up their ears and cleansing their palates in anticipation.

 Thus, the people love to taste all delicious and lovely food, they should really have this book. The book is brought from the author- Srinivasan who was brought up in a traditional South Indian family. And she from an early age, learned to appreciate culinary heritage. Moreover, thereafter, the author developed her interest in the origins of food. And soon she started learning to cook, she developed her variations of a healthy vegetarian diet, balanced according to Ayurvedic principles. Thus, book will surely offer wonderful, delicious recipes with the health too.

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