Proton Beam Therapy on cancer: More effective with less side effects

Cancer in children can now be effectively treated by proton beam therapy, and it is as effective as other treatments are. It is as per study published in The Lancet Oncology.

Notably, a cancer treatment at the centre of an NHS controversy is the year 2014 is causing fewer side effects in children than that of conventional radiotherapy. And this is well proved as per new research. Around 59 patients from age group between 3 and 21 were looked at by researchers from the year 2003 to 2009.

It is notable that, there was most common kind of malignant brain tumor in children, which is known as medulloblastoma found in all the patients who took part in the study, which is led by Dr. Torunn Yock from the Massachusetts General Hospital in the US.

As per Dr. Yock, for curing the aforesaid patients, proton therapy is as effective as photon therapy, which is a conventional X- ray radiotherapy. And this proton therapy is maintaining these high rates of cure without more late toxicity, which has dramatic quality of life improvements.

As per research paper, both therapies are having similar survival outcomes and as such, they have suggested that this therapy can be used in treatment as an alternative to photon- based treatments.