On the Kebab Trail: A Moti Mahal Cookbook Paperback – 7 Mar 2013 by Monish Gujral

Although, humans being intellectual being have done lots of experiments in the sector of technology and science to get amazing gadgets and devices and increased number of works in their daily life style, number of experiments were also seen made in the daily foods and drinking stuffs which the humans taking daily. Being human, we all are attracted to the tasty foods, and especially, people from India love to eat delicious food though it may be veg or non- veg. Talking about non- veg recipes there can be seen thousands of the Indian recipes for preparing delicious Indian food using various spices and flavours.

The present book is as such offering the recipes to prepare delicious Indian kebab, which is also world’s beloved food. In this book, the author- Monish Gujaral who happens to be the grandson of the founder of chain of restaurants Moti Mahal, the legendary Kundan Lal Gujral, provides us with the recipes of most delectable kebabs. The book also provides world’s best kebab recipes like Turkish clay- pot kebas, Kashmiri Tabak Mas and Arabian hamburgers, etc. including both vegetarian and fish kebabs and recipes for chutneys and breads too provided. The author- Monish Gujral found studies hotel management from Institute of Hotel Management and he kept his gandfather’s legend alive. Also he expanded the brand and launched the Moti Mahal Delux Tandoori Trail chain of restaurants with pan India and International operations.

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