Nature Power : Natural Food a True Medicine

The indispensable factor that promotes the survival of living things including human beings is the food intake. Food in different form is consumed by the people all over the world. Ancient scholars believed and propagated that food in addition to the aspect of survival, is the medicine for the body if taken in the proper form. In India food particularly the vegetarian food is considered as divine. Indian Hindu religious texts give prominence to the intake of good food and several religious ceremonies are closely connected with many food items that are offered to the deity in temples. Many religions in different parts of the world give prominent and special place for food. The necessity and preference for food is common every where. In ancient times man survived on the food he obtained from nature mainly consisted of Fruits and vegetables. Gradually he invented cooking that resulted in new forms of foods. New methods of diets were discovered and he began to include meat of animals in his diet. The process of cooking food became a common factor among people irrespective of any barriers. The birth of new civilizations gave rise to new forms of cultures and one broad classification on human beings based on their food habits evolved. People who held to the plant and natural food remained as vegetarians and those preferred the inclusion of meat in their diet were termed as non vegetarians.

The concept of food for survival had undergone drastic changes through the centuries. For rich new, elaborate cuisine became a status symbol. The food industry had also emerged as an influential factor in determining the diet of even the common man. In order to have new flavors and rich taste the basic criteria of food being the foundation of health was easily forgotten in the new era.

Most of the food culture only promotes the richness of food that would satisfy the hunger; as a result unhealthy dietary habits were followed by most of the people that resulted in new forms of disease. The physical and internal digestive systems of human beings are designed that is suitable for vegetarian diet. But currently most people follow the fat rich and junk food that contains many toxins and chemicals that in turn deteriorate the normal functions of human digestive system resulting in many diseases including grave disease like cancer, diabetes and brain dysfunctions. All the natural foods had components that sustained the life. The newly discovered methods of cultivation, life style and cooking by man in fact accelerate the disease growth and ma functioning of human body system.

In earlier times man used pure natural manure for cultivation. Later pesticides including chemicals were used in abundance for more yields. The intake of such chemically treated food or crops gradually affected the immune system in human beings and the invisible toxins from these foods deposited in the human body resulted in new diseases with properties that are not completely found. The genetically modified food crops is another disastrous invention by human beings that are ultimately possessing threat to the human life. The sad aspect of this invention is that the genetically modified food or crops adversely affect the health of children double the time than in adults. Foods that contain artificial coloring, flavoring, high calorie content, stressed life style and fat intake  restrains the insulin secretion by the pancreas in the body resulting in diabetes. According to the statistics of WHO majority death in the world occurs due to diabetes. The number of people dying due to diabetes that affects the entire internal system functioning in the human body is higher than any other grave disease today. Diabetes is considered as a silent killer if it is not diagnosed at the proper time. The cut down in high calorie and sugar rich food and substitution of vegetables, legumes, pulses, fruits, citrus fruits, green tea, as their flavonoids, antioxidants and other natural components controls the diabetes to a great extent. The gooseberries, flaxseeds, almonds, bitter gourd and soy bean are some of the natural foods that reduce and control the sugar level in a diabetic patient. The qualities of these foods are recognized world wide.

It is high time to go back to nature that has natural food that has abundant natural components that fights and prevent most diseases, if it is realized that natural, healthy good food habit is the true medicine for the human beings.