Natural Food Remedies for Hormonal Imbalance

Of all the wonders in the world the human body function system is a mysterious complex function that even the latest scientific inventions couldn’t reveal factors that constitutes the functions. Though complete findings regarding the body functions are not yet found certain major functions are found through various scientific researches and studies. The impact of food intake on various internal and external body functions are revealed to a certain extent. It is quite clearly proven that the nature of food consumed influence the digestive function. Many health related problems are solely the outcome of improper or irregular diet that consist mostly the wrong food intake.

Through various scientific researches it is found that many diseases occur due to the hormonal imbalance in the body. Recently the roles of hormones were not taken as an intense matter even by the doctors. Now it is undoubtedly proved that even slight variations in the hormones affect the body functions. The root causes of hormone imbalance are various factors contained in the food intake. Hormone problems have become so grave in the past few decades that made intense researches to be done in this arena. It was revealed that hormone imbalance have close association with various types of cancers. Many other diseases from minor skin irritations to chronic diseases like diabetes are also the result of hormone imbalance.

Modern medical science has many modern methods for rectification of hormone imbalance. Synthetic hormone replacement therapy was the main alternative provided for hormone replacement. The after effects of such treatment were so grave that hormone replacement treatments were replaced by natural hormone remedies. Hormones are basically the fluid secretion from the glands meant for the completion of the functions of other tissues and organs. If there is any block occurs the hormones fail to sent proper functional commands to the related tissue and organs.

There are two major types of endocrine hormones, steroids and peptides. The imbalance in the steroids will result in mood fluctuation, improper health and dysfunction of sex organs. The peptides are associates with blood sugar level function, thyroid function and sleep cycles. The imbalance of peptides disrupts these functions that create diabetes, thyroid problems, improper metabolic process and inadequate sleep.

Through a proper balanced intake of food the hormonal imbalance can be corrected. Certain foods need to be added in the diet and certain other foods need to be completely avoided for the proper balance of the hormone. Through some simple home remedies in diet changes the hormonal imbalance can be rectified instead of expensive synthetic hormone treatment.

In order to have peptide balance for proper thyroid functions iodine rich foods are to be included in the diet. The iodized salt, beans, seaweed, spirulina, fresh cranberries, Himalayan salt, yoghurt, organic strawberries and other fresh berries helps to increase thyroid production and there by create proper peptide balance. The vitamin c and other vital nutrients including anti oxidants and phyto chemicals present in these foods maintain the hormone balance through regular intake.

The intakes of cruciferous vegetables including cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli and kale that are rich in phytonutrients are essential for the proper liver functions. These nutrients promote the hormonal functions at its optimum and there by regularize the hormonal imbalance.

The refined or processed food rich in fats normally blocks the Leptin hormone is a satiety hormone that functions as an indicator to show the level of food cravings. If it is disturbed the body tends have more craving for the food and the excess intake of food results in obesity and overweight. Refined and processed food intake should be avoided and whole grains and fresh foods with low calorie and high fiber content need to be included in the diet for proper function Leptin hormone.

 Processed oils and margarine are another source of foods that blocks the hormone functions. Fresh olive oil or any cold compressed oil will help to improve the hormone functions. Omega 3 fatty acid content in fresh water fish, dark green leafy vegetables, fresh fruits, farm fresh dairy products also helps to maintain the proper hormone balance.

The proper intakes of these natural foods are the best home remedies available for hormonal balance than synthetic hormone treatments.