Miracle Food For Healthy And Slim Body Maintenance

Food is one of the important factors that promote life on earth. All over the world people intake different types of food for the survival. During earlier time man depended on natural foods. Fruits and vegetables from the nature were considered as the quality foods that sustained life. With the discovery of agriculture man began to cultivate different types of crops that created revolution in the food culture. Gradually the process of cultivation had undergone different changes were the use of artificial fertilizers and pesticides were used widely. The busy and hectic life style of modern life resulted in unhealthy and junk food intake in a very high level. As a result of unhealthy food practices many health related diseases began to emerge. Obesity, overweight, lack of memory and even from minor skin irritations to grave diseases became the end result of unhealthy food habits. The junk food or fast foods contain more of rich fats, oils, artificial colors and flavours that gave high calorie deposit in the human body that obstructs the digestive and other internal functions in the body. Calorie is the unit that provides energy for the body functions. This energy source is obtained from the intake of food. The calorie content differs from one another in each form of food. There are rich foods with high fat and oil content having high level of calories that provide instant energy to the body functions but have adverse effect in future. One of the major health and beauty related problem arise from the rich calorie food intake is Obesity and overweight. People following the fast, junk food and having lack of exercise are more susceptible for this dysfunction of the body that creates irregularity in the body functions.

Today most of the people are conscious about the calorie intake and try to follow balanced diet that promotes healthy body functions. Celebrities, sport persons and body figure conscious people follow strict diet that contains low calorie food. Most of the natural foods particularly the fruits, nuts and vegetables in its natural form are more nutritious and having low calorie content than the processed and junk food that has high calorie content and zero nutritional value. In addition to promoting obesity and over weight the high calorie food intake results in high blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes and grave diseases like heart attack and cancer. The awareness for consuming the low calorie food is quite popular currently that many people had made changes in their diet that contains low fat and low calorie foods.

Health magazines, fitness centers and even hospitals are propagating the advantages of low calorie food that keeps a person to stay young, fit and to have healthy slim body figure. In many health and fitness centers dietary regime containing low calorie foods are recommended for the customers. One of the popular myths about low calorie food is that it does not provide energy for bodily functions and result in tiredness and lack of concentration. Even though there are several low calorie foods that are healthy and provide balanced diet to the body, there are five main low calorie foods that are recommended to all category of people. These are the most delicious summer foods that are rich in water content and low calorie.

The most trusted low calorie content food even before the diet conscious condition among people is the salad. Salads in various forms form home made to professional make are low in calories and rich in moisture or water content along with the nutrients and vitamins that are vital for healthy internal body functions. The intake of raw or green salads with vegetables and fruits rich in water content helps to cut down the high calorie and fat content.

Foods that are deep fried tastes good but have high calorie. The high calorie can be cut down by grilling the food particularly the sea food. Grilled salmon is rich in protein, vital vitamins, nutrients and tastes good with low calorie content. Grilled chicken is another low calorie food. In the process of grilling most of the unwanted fat will be burned and results in low calorie content. Vegetables like cucumber, Zucchini, asparagus, tomatoes are the best low calorie food that promotes health and body fitness. Water melon is another food enriched with essential vitamins, high water content nutrients.

The intake of these five low calorie foods in the daily diet gives a healthy and fit body figure without any adverse effects that happens with the foods with high calorie content.