Instant Heart Rate – The most accurate Heart Rate Monitor app for smartphones without any external hardware.

Review: People in this Busy and Competition world are often facing problems of Heart attacks, due over burdened work pressure or many other reasons. Thus, everyone is often suggested to have regular heart rate checkups. The App, INSTANT HEART RATE, is one of the best apps in this category. The people who want to check their Heart rates now can test it through the devices in their hand. The App is compatible with the Android devices such as Mobile Phones and Android Tablet, with smartphones. Now using one’s smartphone as Monitor for heart rating, one can see accurate heart rates without the help of other external hardware. The App is really amazing and very helpful especially for the heart patients. It is awarded in the year 2011 as Best Health & Fitness App as per jury of Industry experts. It will help the people to optimize their exercise and to track their progress. The accuracy of the App and its functioning is constantly tested by the Fitness Coaches, Doctors, Nurses, EMTs. And as such, the App is most loving among the Five Million Users. The App will use the built- in camera of the device and track colour changes on the fingertip which will show your pulse. Recently, the developers, Azumio Inc. have make some additions in the app and it is made to provide more reliable measurements.

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