How to Make Sandalwood Sherbat?

Sandalwood Sherbat is that dish which is thirst quenching and cooling drink so that the heat can be beat. People relish this dish when they reel with heat and wait for rains. Sandalwood sherbet can be found in the super markets. If the sandalwood fragrance is known to you then what kind of sherbet will be will be known to you. Woody and subtle aroma lingers even after the time you have relished the sherbet.

The sandalwood sherbat is prepared with powder of sandalwood. This powder is available in ayurvedic store. This dish is an easy dish and requires less amount of work. Sandalwood has lots of benefit which are health oriented. It externally and internally calms and cools the body. The paste of rose water with sandalwood powder serves the purpose of face pack. The paste is applied to boils and rashes due to heat. Sandalwood reduces heat of body and reduces the serious conditions of liver and arthritis problem.


Orange and mango squashes are the fruit squashes which are prepared apart from sandalwood sherbat. Homemade drinks like nimbu pani, milk shakes, lassi, chaas, kokum sherbat and rooh afza should be prepared by addition of sweet basil seeds. These drinks are better than other heavy carbonated drinks which are advertised.

The pure edible sandalwood powder is earthen brown coloured. This may be bought from the ayurvedic shop. There was no packaging of this powder. This sandalwood powder was not for worship or forehead or skin application. The seller should be asked whether or not the powder is edible. Purity and unadulteration factors must also be asked to the seller. The edible sandalwood powder should be used for preparing this delicious dish.

Sandalwood sherbat is invigorating and refreshing tonic for liver and heart. Chandan or sandalwood powder when mixed with milk sugared yields unusual delicious drink. Chandan is regarded sacred according to Hindu mythology. This product has many medicinal benefits. It improves concentration, does memory boosting, controls diabetes and performs improvement factor to blood circulation.

Research and Development Department of cold drink industries evaluates and examines sandalwood and allows the use of edible sandalwood only. That is the reason as to why cold drinks from such industries must only be drunk and relished.

In terms of action- Tachycardia can be cured by this sherbat. Uneasiness feeling and abnormal rapid heartbeat is the result of Tachycardia. It relieves people from feet and hands sensation of burning, too much thirst and sun-stroke effects.

In terms of side-effects- No report of side-effects

In terms of indication- Tachycardia, Palpitation and Anxiety


  • 373.33 ml of Santalum Album (Aqua distillate)
  • 0.72 ml of Santalum Album oil
  • 1.06 g of Sodium Benzoate (for preservation purposes)
  • 1.06 g of Citric Acid
  • 0.02 g of food colour


  • To be taken -25 ml for children and 50 ml for adults- after mixing along with water.
  • It can be taken according to physician’s directions.

Usage directions-

Concentrated Sandalwood Sherbat (25 ml) is poured in 225 ml (1 glass) of cold water. Then nicely shake it before relishing. This sherbat is eaten during any time (be it night or day) by mixing in water.800 ml (1 bottle) of sandalwood sherbat is sufficient for making 32 servings.


  • Sugar-2 kg
  • Water -6 litres
  • Chandan powder or sandalwood powder which may be tied in a potli-20 gm
  • Milk-4 tablespoons
  • Lemon juice-4 tablespoons


Sugar is dissolved in water and do not let it boil. Sugar will be dissolved and then heats are increased and then boil it. Milk is then added and constantly and continuously cooks it till there is formation of scum on sides. The scum should be skimmed off.

Lemon juice is added and continuously and constantly cook it till about consistency of one thread is obtained. Pan is taken off from the heat and put sandalwood powder packet or chandan packet into sherbat and quickly covers it. For overnight leave it. Strain it and store it in bottles. Thus the sandalwood sherbat is prepared.