How to Make Pizza Dough?

Pizza Dough is a reliable, fantastic, and everyday dish. This dough can be used to make bread over which cheese, tomato, capsicum, mushroom, tomato sauce and chilli sauce are deliciously added as toppings.

Pizza Dough is made with Italian “00” flour that is finely ground than usual flour. The name of this flour is “doppio zero”. The flour is ground extremely finely and is used for making pizzas and breads in Italy. This is put up at food shops, Italian delis and supermarkets. Transformation of pizza dough texture to a tender crust must be taken into consideration. This flour gives the dough a super-smooth texture that is smooth. Pizza dough is elastic and lovely


Homemade pizzas can be enjoyed in cinch by relying from-scratch pizza dough which is frozen. Pizzas can be eaten at any time of the day. The pizza dough is defrosted, and then ladled with favourite sauce, and then toppings and cheeses are added and then baked for a hassle-free supper. The from-scratch pizza dough requires few ingredients and the recipes needs little to no kneading with the help of hands. It is a junk food relished by adults and kids alike. It is a choice of next generation youths. Happy moments are honoured by this dish.

Best Pizza Dough recipes are as follows-

  • Prime-Time Pizza Dough- The mixer is used to do majority of work in the preparation of this easy pizza dough. It is made by the help of regular all-purpose flour. Then it is baked for 5 minutes till deliciously crispy and golden-brown.
  • Whole-Wheat Pizza Dough-Usage of whole-wheat flour for better-for-you dough is done as base of recipe. Add olive oil drizzle and honey squirt with water for rounding the mixture.
  • Basic Pizza Dough- Go-to dough of pizza is prepared by using lukewarm water when the yeast is dissolved because it helps in activation. The dough is raised twice before doing its rolling and finishing with other toppings.

Information about nutrition in Amount per Serving

  • Calories-572-29%
  • Carbohydrates-105.3g-41%
  • Sugar-3.6g-4%
  • Fat-7.2g-10%
  • Saturates-1g-5%
  • Protein-19.4g-43%


  • 1000g of “00”flour namely doppio zero flour (800g “00”flour+200g ground finely semolina flour)
  • Fine sea salt 1teaspoon
  • Yeast sachets dried three 8g
  • Caster sugar golden 2 tablespoons
  • Olive oil extra virgin 5 tablespoons
  • Lukewarm water 700 ml


  • Flour and salt is sieved on a work surface. A well is made in the middle. In a container mix olive oil, sugar and yeast into water. Keep aside for few minutes, and then in the well it is poured. By the usage of a fork, the flour is brought in from sides and swirled into liquid. Mixing is done on and on, draw large amounts of flour into, when everything starts to come along then bring the rest of flour into with clean hands that is flour-dusted. Kneading is done till a springy and smooth dough forms.
  • The dough ball is placed in big flour-dusted bowl. Top of it is floured. The bowl is covered with a damp cloth. It is placed in warm room for 1 hour till dough doubles in size.
  • The dough is removed to a surface that is flour-dusted. Knead it for a little time such that air is pushed out with hands. This is known as knocking back dough. Use it at immediate moments or set aside by wrapping in cling film in fridge till required. If you are using it right away the dough should be divided into numerous little balls as needed for making pizzas. The dough amount is sufficient for making nearly 10 medium pizzas.
  • Pizzas are rolled for about 30 minutes before cooking them. It should not be rolled out and left for hanging about for some time. If you work in advance then leave the dough covering it with cling film in fridge. When guests arrive roll the dough into rough circles, 1 cm thick. Then it is placed on slightly large pieces flour-dusted tinfoil rubbed with olive oil. Then the pizzas are stacked.