How to Make Lassi?

Lassi is that dish which is traditional, yogurt based and popular drink relished by people in India and all over the world. Lassi is that dish which includes the blending of water, fruit, dry fruits, grated coconut, yogurt, Bourn vita and others. Whilst Dharmic religions, curd (yogurt) which was honey sweetened was used in the time of performance of religious rituals. Rare lassi is the one which has milk with toppings of thin layer of cream clotted. This dish is relished with lunch in summer days as refreshment that is enjoyed after making it cold.

Sweet Lassi-

This dish is flavoured with sugar, strawberry, rose water and other juices of fruits. Saffron lassis are very rich and have Rajasthani and Jodhpuri cuisine. Makkhaniya lassi is a simple lassi with ingredients like butter lumps thereby being creamy very alike milkshake. Makkhan means butter.

Mango Lassi-

This dish is becoming popular across the 7 seas. It is prepared from water, mango pulp and yogurt. It is prepared without sugar or with sugar. In Canada this dish is one of the popular cold drinks which consist of sweet kesar and mango pulp combined with cream, ice cream or yogurt. It is placed in front of the people so that they can help themselves with a tall glass of this dish with straw and toppings of ground nuts and pistachios sprinkled in the top.


Lassi is a refreshing and cooling drink to be relished in summers. The sweet lassi is very popular in North India and Punjab. This dish can be prepared at home, in dhabas and in restaurants and hotels. The recipe is very light and not heavy on stomach. Salty lassis are also available.

Punjabi Lassis can be helped in huge glasses on the top of which 3 to 4 tablespoon of white butter is added so that they become thick. Spoon is provided along with the lassi so that soft butter is eaten first then lassi is drunk. These lassis are very heavy. After relishing this dish you will not have food. This lassi goes well with chaat, samosa, parathas and chole.

Few ice cubes are added which imparts cooling properties to the drink. Papaya lassi, masala lassi are other types. Use hand blender (madhani) to make the dish. Rose water or cardamom powder is added for flavouring. Sliced almonds are added when serving is done. Optional feature is addition of saffron. When blending, water can be added to curd. It is savory sometimes but sweet and refreshing all the time.

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Few types-

  • Easy Three-Ingredient lassi
  • Blood Orange Lassi
  • Strawberry Lassi
  • Chocolate Lassi topped with Toasted Almonds
  • Spiced Milk Lassi with Kiwi and Mint
  • Creamy Avocado Lassi
  • Caramel Espresso Lassi

Lassi is one amongst the popular flavoured Punjabi drinks. This dish can be relished at any desired time in the day. A tall glass of creamy and thick lassi served along with hot parathas may be regarded as a sumptuous lunch, dinner or breakfast. This dish is easy and delicious and garnished with dry fruits which are chopped and little cardamom powder. The elaichi or cardamom powder is tremendously used as a spice in nearly all the Punjabi Dishes.

Ingredients-(250ml=1 cup) Serving-4 glasses

  • Chilled curd-3 cups
  • Sugar-16 teaspoon
  • Cold milk or water-1 cup
  • Cardamom powder-1 teaspoon
  • Saffron-2 pinch
  • Sliced shelled pistachios or almonds-14
  • Rose water-2 teaspoon
  • Ice cubes- while lassi is being served


Take cardamom powder, sugar, water and yogurt in blender. Use a hand-blender or traditional madhani to serve the purpose of blending. Yogurt should be evenly blended. Do not over blend it, else butter will float on top.

Lassi is served in tall glasses. Add ice cubes that are crushed. Garnish the prepared dish with almonds sliced and little cardamom powder. Serve sweet lassi. Chill lassi if desired. Then serve it. The quantity can be tripled or doubled.