How to Make Khus Sherbat?

Khus Sherbat is a cooling drink relished by people in summers. It is made by taking khus or vetiver as its key ingredients. Squash of poppy seeds is made and stored in a bottle. Then it is mixed with water and taken as a refreshment drink on long summer days and short nights.

Khus is cooling beautiful fragrant herb. The perennial grass has a woody and lovely aroma. This aroma is subtlety sandalwood aroma like though it may be regarded as sandalwood’s reminiscent. Khus is the fragrant grass that is like kinds of citronella and lemon grass. Poppy seeds are regarded as khus khus. The two of them are entirely different and have no relation with each other. From opium poppy the poppy seeds are got. Khus is mostly known as vetiver. It has culinary, perfumery and medicinal benefits.


Readymade Khus Sherbats can be relished by children. It is normally regarded that the green colour of khus sherbats are natural but actually this is not the case. The colour is artificial. Khus are dried grass a bunch of which along with its roots, nicely rolled and looking fragrant wonderfully can be bought. The benefits of Khus are listed in the paragraph below-

It relieves people from burning sensation and thirst. It invigorates and purifies skin, genitourinary tract and blood. It makes the digestive system strong and calms diarrhea condition and vomiting condition. Essential oil of this product or incense improves concentration, cools and calms the mind and nervous system respectively. This product is used in the treatment of skin rashes, boils, fever and conditions of serious bile problems.

Khus sherbet is a fragrant cooling drink which can be drunk every day. In order to prepare the sherbet unrefined organic cane sugar can be used. There need not be the usage of bleached or processed sugar. Raw sugar or organic unrefined cane sugar from organic section of super markets can easily supply you with your desired quantity of sugar. Khus roots can be bought from ayurvedic retail stores.

The chopping and cleaning process involved in the preparation of khus sherbat from the khus grass requires little amount of effort at the initial stage. But at the later stage the preparation becomes easy. 120 gm of khus roots yields 2 litres of khus sherbat. You can refrigerate the drink and relish it during the time duration of 15 to 20 days. This is because there is no addition of any kind of preservative. It should be kept in mind that this khus sherbat has no green colour which may be artificial.

Relishing cooling and healing drinks are a lot better than relishing aerated processed soft drinks. Other viable option is that you can cool yourself by having the helpings of yogurt –based drinks like chaas, piyush and sweet lassi.

Khus or vetiver is very popular amongst general masses for its properties like it soothes and cools people thereby yielding many medicinal benefits and usages. The khus sherbat is prepared from root extract of plant of khus. You can cool yourself with the sweet, green, musky tasting and refreshing sherbat by causing its dilution with 8 parts of water or 9 parts of chilled milk. You can obtain its usage for ice lollies and mock tails. You can feel the drop of temperature within yourself.

Khus Sherbat is also called Green Spring. It is can be prepared by kids also because it is unique and easy. It is very tempting because of its green colour.


  • Water-6 cups
  • Sugar-8 cups
  • Khus essence-2 teaspoons
  • Green colour-2 to 4 teaspoons


Water and sugar are mixed and stirred over medium to low heat. This is done till sugar dissolves. When sugar dissolves, boil it and cook it till it becomes thick. About consistency of one thread is obtained. A drop of mixture is taken and pressed between forefinger and thumb. When fingers separate, thread will form. Khus essence and colour is mixed. Store in airtight and clean bottle.