How to Cook Ginger Chicken Curry?

Ginger Chicken Curry is a fiery chicken with flavours of garlic and ginger and with red chillies, whole in amount, quality and quantity. A curry that is ginger based has lots of flavours. Conduct marination of the meat for as much time as you want. The taste will remain as delicious as before and will not die even if kept for a long time. This amazing and delicious and awesome dish is one for which you can have cravings in huge amounts. This curry which is very zingy is a must-take and a must-relish recipe. The preparation time is only 50 minutes. The time being consumed in making the dish is less than the preparation time of other recipes. This dish is very healthy too.

 Importance-  All below ingredients is good for our health.

 Nutrition in one serve-

  •  kcalories-310
  • Protein-37 grams
  • Carbohydrates-6 grams
  • Fat-16 grams
  • Saturates-8grams
  • Fibre-1 gram
  • Sugar-3 grams
  • Salt-1.29 grams


  • Chicken 1lb with cubing of ¾-1 inch that is 1.5 breasts of chicken.
  • Vinegar one tablespoon.
  • Red chilli powder 1 teaspoon.
  • Ginger paste 1.5 tablespoon.
  • Garlic paste ¾ tablespoon.
  • Sauce of dark soy 1.5 teaspoon.
  • Flour 2-3 tablespoon.
  • Corn starch/flour (4-5 tablespoon+1 tablespoon)
  • Oil in necessary amounts for deep frying of the chicken.

For sauce making-

  • Oil 3 tablespoon.
  • Red pepper crushed 1 teaspoon.
  • Onion chopped ¾ cup.
  • Some chopped finely and sliced some hot green chilli pepper 4-6.
  • Very fresh finely chopped ginger 3 tablespoon (julienne first and then chop them).
  • Chop finely green onion 4-6 stalks.
  • Tomato ketchup 2 tablespoon or (½ tablespoon garlic chilli paste +tomato canned paste 1 tablespoon) +same hot sauce 4 tablespoon.
  • Sauce of dark soy 1 tablespoon.

To taste salt.

  • Sesame oil that is toasted 1.5 teaspoon.


  • Once the chicken is added to sauce it will slowly lose its crispiness. So fried chicken must be added to the sauce when it is ready to be served. The chicken should be fried. The sauce should be prepared some hours before putting together chicken and sauce.
  • Cut half crosswise each breast of chicken. Then chop and strip the slices in ¾ -1 inch pieces. Pat dry and wash the pieces of chicken. Add salt, red chilli powder and vinegar in a non-reactive bowl, add chicken to it. Toss for chilli powder and vinegar for chicken coating and it should be allowed to be kept for 15 -30 minutes.
  •  Add garlic and ginger paste and soy sauce to chicken and marinate overnight.
  • Allow coming to room temperature if chicken is refrigerated. Then add flour and corn starch to chicken and toss flour for proper combination of chicken pieces. Liquid from marination is enough for paste like coating but in case of presence of dry powder add splash of water.
  • In kadai add oil and heat it. When oil shimmers, chicken pieces are added, cook in high or medium heat till chicken becomes golden brown. If small sized chicken then cooking will take less time else long time.
  • Cooked chicken is removed. Except 3 tablespoons remove rest oil for cooking sauce.
  • Crushed pepper is added to oil. Add 1 teaspoon of ginger chopped. Allow heating of oil. Heating of oil results in flavours with ginger. Onions chopped are added and add the green chilli peppers sliced. Cook till onions soften.
  •  Hot sauce, soy sauce and ketchup are combined in bowl. Till smooth whisk. To pan add it. After adding salt toss everything. Cook for 1 minute at high flame. Add all chicken pieces. Fry stir quickly for sauce to coat on chicken piece
  • Combine 1 tablespoon of corn starch with few cold water tablespoons. Add to pan, cook for 1 minute till reduction of the amount just to coat chicken occurs.
  • Heat is switched off. Add green onions and chopped finely ginger. Add sesame oil. Then toss and serve it.