Home-made Remedies for Dry Hair

People who are working in the struggle- full works they often got various problems relating to their health and also relating to the skin and hairs. Thus, the men and women who got the dry hair problems, need to settle them down soon, so that to avoid its harsh consequences. Thus, there are number of solutions offered from the various sectors for reducing such dry hair issue, however, most of the people believe in home remedies rather to spend much amount of monies on purchasing products. Thus, here are some home remedies brought for the issue of dry hair.

In the remedies for dry hair, firstly, one should take Egg’s white portion which being separated from yolk, then, with the egg beater, the white egg should be lashed continuously. Also, separately, a tablespoon of water be mixed with the yolk and then blend the same till the paste become creamy. And, finally, the yolk paste and mixture of white should blended together. Soon, the preparation is ready, one should wash his / her hairs with warm water and then apply the preparation on the scalp. Applying this twice in the week will be better for improving the hair condition. After the smooth massage of the scalp, it be washed off with little cold water.

Secondly, using the mayonnaise will also offered great healthy hair conditions, for which one need to gather in ingredients, only a cup of mayonnaise. Taking such mayonnaise, and heating the same till it will turn into white coloured oil. Soon it is prepared, the same is to be applied on dry hair and after taking it as it is till 20 minutes, the same to be washed off thoroughly. Note: after applying the preparation on the hairs, head is to be covered with plastic bag.

Thirdly, extracted concentrated milk from coconut to be applied on the scalp as one can apply oil on hair, and after applying such coconut milk, he should smoothly massage hair using fingertips. After that, soon the said coconut milk comes dry, then he should also apply milk on the same and let it as it is for around Forty- Five minutes and after than wash off the hairs with little warm water. It will bring amazingly health and good looking hairs.

Lastly, the preparation of mixed banana with beaten curd of half cup, which can be applied on scalp and with the warm towel the hair be wrapped and after around Thirty minutes, the hairs be rinsed and also one can use shampoo for it, and this will be offering great looking smooth hair.