Hilsa – Health Benefits, Nutritional Values & Recipes

Hindi name: usaka

Scientific name: Tenualosa ilisha

Nutritional values:

Calories 310, Total fat 22g

Health benefits:

It is regarded one amongst most tasty fishes. Reason is that it has soft distinct oily textures, flavours mouth-watering and mouth-filling superb. It is hence known as localised and urbanised “Macher Raja”. This means “the king of fish”. It is high in protein, very delicious, contains fish oil and omega fatty acids.  It is good for brain and heart. It is healthy intake for people of all ages.


It is a tasty delicacy to be served in lunch and dinner. It can be served hot with Nan, roti, chapatti and/or rice.  It is an item for rich and poor people alike. It is luxurious and extravagant item but it has reasonable budgets. Since item is affordable so it could be intake by one and all.

5 Famous Recipes: Yogurt Hilsa curry, Sorsebata Ilish Mach, Ilish in mustard gravy, and Bhapa Illish- Steamed Hilsa Fish in mustard sauce

How to Cook Hilsa Fish curry


Hilsa fish: (removed scales, fins, cut into pieces and washed): 500g

Ginger garlic paste: 2 tablespoon, poppy seed and mustard seed: 2 tablespoon each

Tomatoes, Onions: 250g each

Turmeric powder, salt: as per taste, Curry powder: 2 teaspoon


After proper dressing, fish is fried. Mix all ingredients in fried oil. Make gravy. After 10 minutes of boiling mix fried fishes. Again boil for 10 minutes. Serve hot.