High Calorie Foods That Boost Your Health

Though food is an important factor in life excess or wrong intake of food has bad effects on the health. People who are health conscious always avoid food with high calorie content. The foods with high calorie are the root cause of many health related problems. Junk food or the processed instant food has the high calorie content that is rich in fats and oil content. This insoluble fat and oils in the junk foods turn down the digestion process that will result in different ailments. Obesity, overweight, stress, fluctuated blood pleasure, diabetes, cardio vascular problems and irregular bowel function are some of the diseases or ailments that occur due to excess intake of high calorie food. Due to these drawbacks high calorie rich foods though have great taste are ignored in normal course. The rich pastries, cakes and many fried foods contain high level of fat and calories and it is avoided by people who follow healthy dietary system. Several modern studies and researches have shown that intake of high calorie content food in low or moderate rates does not badly affect the health and certain natural foods with high calories content have health benefits too.

If the high calorie content food intake in a limited way helps to shed the body weight. A systematic controlled intake of these foods definitely results in weight reduction. Controlled manner of high calorie food intake does not mean that junk foods or processed need to be included in the daily diet. A careful thought need to be followed before the inclusion of high calorie food in the daily diet. Many scientific studies have recommended that the high calorie content need to be natural that are already in the natural products than the artificially created insoluble fats. There are several types of categories of natural foods that contain natural calories that are beneficial for the body functions, health and immune systems.

Nuts and seeds are the natural foods that have high calorie content that provides natural good health. Almonds, cashew nuts, macadamia nuts, chestnuts, peanuts, pecan nuts, pine nuts and many other form of local nuts contain high fiber and good calories that helps to improve the  internal body functions as they are rich in vitamins, minerals and anti oxidants. A daily intake of any of these nuts in its original form in a moderate rate increases the energy level and efficiency and longevity. The intake should be taken in a controlled way without mixing them with any artificial or synthetic agents otherwise it might have adverse affect.

Peanut butter is a normal high calorie food that is always avoided by health conscious people. But moderate intake of peanut butter and regular exercise will burn down the unnecessary calories and provide all essential elements for proper health. A tablespoon of peanut butter approximately contains 95 calories and 25 minutes regular walk will help to burn down the unwanted calorie deposit. An intake of more than one tablespoon of peanut butter daily will only result in gaining in body weight.

Another category of natural food rich in high calorie content are the raisins or dry fruits. Misconceptions regarding dry fruits are that they are having the same calorie content of the fresh fruits. All dry fruits are sugary in nature and have high calorie content than the fresh fruits. When the dry fruits are mixed with nuts, cream and butter it will give added calories. A dry fruits once daily will give added health benefits. But constant munching or excess intake of dry fruits daily without proper exercise will create health problems including improper digestion, obesity and overweight.

It is always advisable to have these foods in moderation or in controlled manner. These foods need to be a supportive food for the main meal. The excess intake or replacement of these foods instead of main meal will create adverse effect in the entire body functions. Foods that contain natural high calorie element are not harmful for health if taken wisely.