General Pediatric Skin Diseases in Children

A rash is a noticeable variation in the consistency or color of the skin. It can be triggered by several things, like a medication reaction, a contamination, or a hypersensitivity reaction. Abundant driving force can root these rashes since the skin has a restrained amount of probable responses. Frequently the related warning signs, excluding the rashes support the proper diagnosis of the skin condition, such as an evidence of tick bites, contact with other infected people, latest usage of a particular antibiotic, environmental changes, or previous vaccinations Utmost rashes instigated by viruses won’t be dangerous and will disappear over time without the use of medication. Though, certain pediatric rashes have dangerous nature or even serious outcomes. The parents should be well-known about these rashes, and its features. Most of these rashes can be similar in outlook, which makes it problematic to understand the exact skin condition. But if you have a concern, always consult your kid’s doctor, without fail. Here I will give you an outlook about some of these skin rashes, which may help you to understand your baby’s skin well over time.


Ringworm or tinea  is a transmissible infection of the skin triggered by a fungus. Ringworm is not dangerous or painful, but it can be prickly and nasty. There are multiple forms of ringworm can see in kids. Tinea corporis (affects the body), Tinea capitis (affects the scalp), Tinea pedis (affects the feet) and Tinea cruris (jock itch) and all these infections are caused by fungi. Ringworm appears most usually in kids over the age of two, but it is possible for infants and elders also to get it. Normally, the treatment for this ringworm is to use an anti-fungal cream to the infected place of body for an extended time, till the infection vanish away.

Fifth Disease:

Fifth Disease  is caused by a virus named Parvovirus B19. This one is a very common skin infection, and  is generally minor and cure without any medicine. Common symptoms of Fifth Disease start with regular flu and followed by a bright red inflammation on the cheeks of baby associated with some rashes on the body. Antibiotic cannot fight against this illness as a virus origins this. And be aware of Parvovirus B19 will be unsafe for expecting women, hence consult your gynecologist as early as possible, in the case of exposure.

Chicken pox:

Chicken pox infection was very common in kids before, but now it seems to be very less because of vaccination.  This skin infection generated by a virus called as Varicella. The symptoms of Chicken pox include sudden fever, cold and development of some rashes on the body. This contagious infection can be itchy and sometimes painful also.


Warts is a viral skin infection. Warts can transmit from person to person. Usually, Warts develop on the hands, but even can appear in other body parts also. In most cases it goes away by its own, however, there are medication accessible to quicken the cure of the infection.

Prickly Heat:

New born babies frequently gets this skin infection. Heat rash is usually caused by blocking sweat glands, which outcomes in a dark pink spotty outbreak in the face, head and neck area. To prevent prickly heat need to dress up your kid properly like not too hot or cold. In most cases it does not require any treatment.


Eczema or Atopic dermatitis, is common in kids with hypersensitivities and asthma. There is no remedy for eczema, but, in maximum cases, it is controllable.  This rash appears as prickly red spots. Medical treatment comprises prescription anti-inflammatory drugs, and in severe cases steroid creams. Antibiotics may have to be recommended to clear the inflammation.


Roseola is a weak infection commonly appear in kids aged 6 months to 2 years and it is rare after 4 years of age. It begins with a common cold, subsequently a high fever, which last for a few days. The fevers conclude rapidly. Then small, pink rash will start showing up.