Foods with High Omega-3 Fatty Acid

People with their minds have brought the world of competition in every sector and it is because of their such competitive world, they don’t get time to spend for their health. However, this has led to many health issued being developing in the human body and as such the physique of the human persons have become much weaker than earlier. Thus, special attention need to be paid for the health related issued. Having great foods with the amazing ingredients which the human body requires for remaining healthier, will surely help to survive in this world. Similarly, Omega- 3 fatty acid is having great health effects on the human bodies. Omega- 3 fatty acid which is the considered by many studies as much beneficial and important for the humans, are basically polyunsaturated fatty acid- PUFAs with a double bond (C=C) at the third carbon atom from the end of the carbon chain. Thus, for the human beings, it is notable that the Omega- 3 fatty acid cannot be developed and made by the human bodies, however, they required to be taken from the foods. As such, people need to select the foods from the following lists to get high Omega- 3 fatty acid to get protected against the various common and uncommon diseases, especially against the Heart diseases, High blood pressure, etc.

Omega- 3 fatty acid can be seen ingredients in the Fishes like fatty fishes such as, Halibut, Tuna and Salmon and also the same can be seen in high quantity in other sea foods like in krill and algae. Moreover, highest Omega- 3 fatty acids (about 12059 mg) can be seen in Flaxseed oil, then in Seeds, flaxseed(about 8543 mg), in Fish oil, salmon (about 7828 mg), in chia seeds dried (about 7164 mg).

The list of Ten most important food stuffs wherein high Omega- 3 fatty acid can be seen:

Pasture-raised Meats: Omega- 3 fatty acid in most of the plants have short chain of carbon, but, human and animals are converting them into long- chain forms, thus, such adding this in the foods will surely provide great support.
Omega-3 Enriched Dairy Foods: milk from the cows, sheep and goats which are grass- fed animals, can give greatly high omega- 3 fatty acid.
Omega-3 Enriched Eggs: for high omega- 3 fatty acid, eggs are similar as the dairy foods discussed herein under.
Edamame: there can be seen in the many common soy foods, omega- 3 fatty acids are found in high level.
Wild Rice: which is not actually a rice, but a grass, possessing high omega- 3 fatty acids.
Walnuts: it contains significant amount of omega- 3 fatty acid, which is also well balanced with the omega- 6.
Canola Oil: which is also heart- healthy, having highest level of omega- 3 fatty acid.
Flax: it is also a powerhouse of the omega- 3.
Beans: which are low in fat, even if so, it is greatly offering omega- 3.
Sustainable Seafood: Fish, especially, fishes with fats having greatly high in omega- 3 fatty acid. Thus, many studies require humans to eat such high omega- 3 fatty acid.