Extensive Use of Smartphones: More Indian Kids becoming Myopic

Nearly 13 percent of children in our nation have become myopic. This was revealed by AIIMS study. Additionally it told that this number shall be doubled in last decades because of extensive use of electronically gadgets. As per Rajendra Prasad Centre for Opthalmic Sciences at AIIMS this disorder statistics was 7 percent only decades ago.

Amongst different nations having increasingly similar problems in children are Thailand, China and Singapore. Myopia is called also as short-sightedness. This is condition of eyes in which light coming in do not focus directly on retina but in its front. It causes images seen by one when visualizing a distanced object as being out of focusing range. It does not have any effect of focusing whilst looking at close distanced objects.

Lesser studies are conducted in India with relation to eye problems and myopic conditions are one amongst them. National survey is conducted for finding out different eye regarded problem among kids. This was told by Atul Kumar, head of RP centre, apex eye centre of India. Announcements had been parts of 49th Foundation Day of R. P. Centre for Ophthalmologic Sciences. In this Kumar declared and stated also that many different newer studies are being carried out in past, present and future for figuring out eye related existing problems in country.