Eggless Cakes and Muffins Hardcover – Illustrated, 1 May 2011 by Nita Mehta

Adding cakes in the tradition of the eating foods, has been since from the years back when initially cakes were taken for celebrating the anniversaries, birthdays, etc. but now in one’s everyday life too, generally eating cakes have become fashion and it is entirely because of its delicious taste and amazing looks, the cakes are all lovable. However, many on this earth are divided in the basic categories of eating, viz vegetarian and non- vegetarians. Now there is all prevailing general myth that cakes are being made only with the help of Eggs which is considered to be the basic requirement for cakes preparation, however, when vegetarian people who does not like to add eggs in their foods, were making safe distance against the cakes too. But, as it is a myth, the cakes can now be made without adding eggs in its ingredients. And this new trend is specifically shown in the present book.

The cakes preparation without adding eggs as ingredient is emerged with this book. Now people who do not feel it well to have cakes with eggs can have eggless cakes, following the recipes provided in this book. The book is as such brought from the most famous author- Nita Mehta who is an Indian Celebrity Chef, restaurateur and also socialite and author of the books. The author is well known for her cookbooks and besides she is also taking cooking classes. There are about four hundreds of the books which she has named in her authorship. And notably she was awarded with the Best Asian Cookbook Award for her works.

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