Developed new Sunscreen that gives you instant Vitamin D

Sunscreen is a kind of cosmetic support for the body protection against the effects of sunny atmosphere. Now, a new sunscreen is found by the researchers which guaranteeing that there will be no Vitamin D loss, however, this sunscreen will be allowing the body to produce the essential vitamin.

Thus, the Vitamin D is the most important factor much be sufficiently available in the adults and children, however, its insufficiency causes major health issues in them.

The researchers are mainly from US and they are from Boston University in United States. And they developed Solar D, through a process, where the sunscreen’s ingredients are altered in the way that it should not affect its sun protection faction- SPF and also it should allow the body to produce vitamin D.

Moreover, as said by one of the professors at Boston University, Michael F. Holick, the said Solar D, for increasing Vitamin D production, was designed with compounds with differing filter compositions. Also it is allowing the maintaining of the sun protection against the erythema or skin burning.

It was found in the various studies earlier, that there are increasing the risks for skin cancer which are led from widespread usage of sunscreens.