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Review: High Calories is the world largest ever problem. Maximum world’s population are suffering from this really worst problem due to which they appear more fat. The App, CALORIE COUNTER, is provided by the MyFitnessPal, which is the most popular health and fitness app ever in the World. The App provides for the Losing of the high weight which can be done by reducing the Calorie level in the body. People having high level of calories and appearing more fat than others, can take advantage from this amazing mobile Application. The App will support them to reduce calories by offering them the largest food database of over Fifty lakhs of Foods so that their calorie should be counted and they will be provided healthier and more perfect life with fit body. The Application is offered for FREE absolutely. Thus, people can find here their suitable diet and exercises which are offered in only 5 Minutes a day. It is one of the fastest ever and very simple application. As such, the app with amazing features will surely help the people to deal with their diet problems so that their calorie levels to be maintained.

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