Biryani Hardcover – Illustrated, 1 Jan 2010 by Pratibha Karan

People love to have their favourite food and when it is concerned about the traditional shahi foods like Biryani, mouth getting wet, but if wife or mother doesn’t know how a shahi test be given to Biryani like food, then wishes receives displeasure. But, now it is time to celebrate with the family to get home made biryani dishes with the help of the amazing book.

The Book ‘Biryani Hardcover’ is providing recopies of most beloved dishes of Biryani in India. The dish is basically attached with the Muslims, as it had origin in country from the Mughal times, and then from the jagirs of awadh, and now it is lucknow, delhi, Hyderabad and other parts in the country. The book is brought from the most famous author- Pratibha Karan who has provided not just the definitive recipes from these regions, but also offering all famous biryani dishes lovely ways to cook and the serve the same. The book in its contents offering various titles like ‘Doodh ki Biryani’, ‘Keeme Ki Biryani’, ‘Batter ki biryani’, etc. As there are many stunning variations in the east and west in connection with the Biryani dishes, and everyone want taste many of such types. Thus, the book is offering all such great recipes for wives and mothers to make their loved ones eat best every prepared ‘Biryani’. The Author of this book was from the economics field as per her study, she was also an IAS officer.

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